“The journey is long, but worth the trouble.

Life can sometimes be hard, but feeling alive again is worth everything…

Your life is precious, don’t throw it away”

Drug Addiction is considered as the most important of the major problems that invade our world in general and our Lebanese society in particular after this epidemic assaulted the Lebanese youth.

This problem provokes a great international care and public interest concerning the increase in number of youth who are drug addicts. This interest will definitely increase in our society under the existence of an active market for the consumption of drugs where the youth become the target of destructive policies in all its basis and defense in order to transform those people to incapable human monsters.

It is very important to take care of this phenomenon in all stages based on the urgent national need in order to rebuild and refine our society from the extreme problems that hinders its growth and development and the human and cultural progress of individuals.

NFD organization speech

NFD (No For Drugs) is a nongovernmental, non-profit, organization.

Founded by Garo Margossian. Registered by virtue of a permit issued by the ministry of interior under number 345 on July 6, 2006. After the loss of four of his friends by overdose, and one brother fell in the trap of drugs, seven years of volunteer work in a drug prevention organization, leaving the country and coming back again, Garo felt it was time for him to provide professional services and help for drug addicts in Lebanon.

The Lebanese drug market has considerably grown in the last few years; new substances have emerged (such as Speed, GHB and Ketamine) drug users are younger through the years (some cases concern 11 years old addicts). The availability of products is increasing (School yards, streets…) and the prices are becoming more and more affordable (a gram of street heroin costs 15000L.B.P=10$).

On another hand, Lebanese society tends to look at drug addiction as a ‘crime’, ’something to punish by the law’, or most of the times, a subject we should ‘close our eyes upon’!

This problem is one we can’t deny or take lightly anymore.The growing number of drug addicts between teenagers and college students nowadays, and the wide range of issues relating to drug addiction, are undeniably going to affect our next generation of productive adults. In fact, with the existing institutions in Lebanon, we still have a big lack of space, availability, trained medical staff, and financially reachable treatments.